Landscape Products


•Grass Seed
•Pellet & Powder Lime
•Pine Needles
•Wheat Straw
•Landscaping Fabric & Ground Cover
•Pre-emergent Herbicide
•Broadleaf Herbicide
•Railroad Ties


Rock, Gravel, & Stone

•Cane Creek River Rock

Small, Medium, & Large
•North Cove Rock
Small, Medium, & Large
•Large Boulders by the ton
•Chocolate Gray Fieldstone
•Mt. Mist Fieldstone
•Tennessee Fieldstone
•Tumbling Creek Thick Stone
•Mt. Mist Flagstone
•Rustic Flagstone
•Chocolate Gray Flagstone
•Palomino Fieldstone
•Delaware River Stone 3-5" & 5-8"
•Pea Gravel, Screening, 57 Gravel, Crush & Run Gravel
•Rip Rap - Small & Large

Mulch, Sand & Soil

•Red Oak Hardwood Mulch
•Pine Bark Mulch
•Pine Bark Nuggets
•Decorative Dyed Mulch
(Brown, Black, and Red)
•Playground Mulch
•White Play Sand
•Brick Chips



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